Press releases

Press release 28.12.2022

Time and again, driving licences are suspended in Germany by the competent authorities. This can happen for various reasons, for example in the case of serious traffic violations such as drink-driving or illicit use of drugs or too many points in the central traffic register.

The driving licence suspension means that the driver concerned is no longer allowed to participate in road traffic for a certain period of time and must hand in his or her driving licence. At the end of the ban period, an MPU (Medical-Psychological Examination) must usually be taken to determine whether the driver is fit to drive again.

Driving licence suspension is a serious matter and can have serious consequences for those affected, especially if they depend on the car to get to work. Therefore, all road users should always act carefully and responsibly on the road to avoid driving licence suspensions.

There are always news and developments in the field of the Medical-Psychological Examination (MPU), also known as the “idiot test”.

One recent piece of news is that a new MPU ordinance will come into force in Germany from 2023, which will tighten the requirements for the MPU. This concerns in particular the medical examinations, during which in future blood and urine samples will also have to be taken in order to determine the alcohol and drug consumption of the person concerned.

Another new development is that in some federal states there are already possibilities to bypass the MPU by attending a so-called “driving aptitude seminar”. In these seminars, participants are prepared for the MPU and learn how to act responsibly in road traffic. However, these seminars are usually more expensive than the MPU and must be paid for by the person concerned.

It is therefore worthwhile to stay regularly informed about news and developments in the field of the MPU in order to be as well prepared as possible in the event of a driving licence withdrawal.